2017 Kitties ‘N Blooms Show

2017 Kitties ‘N Blooms SHOW

The “2017 Kitties ‘N Blooms” annual cat show will be presented by the Calgary Cat Association.  The show venue returns to Shouldice Arena, 1515 Home Road NW, Calgary, AB, T3B 5K9 on 8/9 April 2017.  Admission: Adults $6.00; Seniors (65+) $4.00; Children (6-12 years) $2.00.  Cash at door please. 

Since the show hall is located in the NW quadrant of Calgary. the show hotel moves to Travelodge University North, 2227 Banff Trail North, Calgary, AB T2M 4L4.  Show Manager: Maureen Davies.  Phone or text Maureen at (403) 651-5922  for more information.


General food service is not available in Shouldice Arena, although some buffet sandwich lunches may be available to exhibitors for a fee after judges and show staff have eaten.  Shouldice staff have advised that a food truck may be available at the entrance to the arena.  Food available would include hamburgers and hot dogs.

See Exhibitors Information drop down menu `FOOD` for nearby restaurants, along 16th Avenue and across 16th Avenue in the plaza.   Most have take out.





Show Flyer has been posted.  The Entry Clerk is accepting entries but is not yet able to confirm them.  This will occur shortly.  The website will indicate that the entry has been sent.  

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