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People purchase pedigreed, TICA registered cats in order to ensure they are welcoming a cat or kitten into their homes with a known health background, an acceptable breed  standard and one with a fairly predictable constellation of behaviors.  Of course there are differences among individual cats.  If you are not interested in a talkative, vocalizing, highly active cat, then an Oriental or another member of the Siamese breed group is not for you.  If daily grooming is not on your agenda, then a Persian would not be the best choice.

On the other hand,  if combing and brushing a long silky coat every day gives you joy, and a  quiet, calm kitty with a long flowing coat, and huge round copper eyes sitting on the sofa is your pick for living art, then a Persian may be a good fit in your life.

The catteries listed below have paid a small listing fee, although the club can not endorse any cattery.   All have entered cats in TICA shows such as those presented by the Calgary Cat Association.  They sell registered kittens and sometimes retired queens and studs. (spayed and neutered)

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The Abyssinian is highly intelligent, interactive, loyal and affectionate.  They are high energy, curious cats who enjoy heights and good views of their surroundings.    The Abby can often be found on top of doors, bookcases and the refrigerator.

Generally, they are not seen as lap cats because of their high energy levels.  However, they are easy to groom and adapt well in active families


Splendid Cats
Mary and Laurie Lockwood
(780) 879-0000


The Bengal is a medium to large cat, known for a luxurious coat with richly contrasting spots or marbling.  This breed was developed from crosses between domestic cats and the Asian Leopard Cat.  Today’s cats come from breedings between Bengals to other Bengals.

They are confident, very active, inquisitive cats that like high places in the home, including counters and tops of cupboards. Bengals enjoy playing, chasing, investigating and climbing.  These kitties often enjoy cuddling at sleep time.

Bengals are great companion cats and tend to get along well with other pets when properly introduced


Wildrose Bengals
Jessika Meger


Cattery- Costigan Chief Mountain Bengal’s
Jarom + Steffanie Costigan


cell phone- 403-892-5760 please text before you call.



The Birman is a semi-long haired cat with color points and stunning deep sapphire, blue eyes.  Their elegant silky coat comes in all color point patterns, with beautiful white gloves on all four feet and the white on the back feet with laces extending half way  up the back of the leg, like a gauntlet (show quality cats)  They have a long soft, almost single coat which should be combed weekly to prevent mats, even though the coat is well known for its resistance to matting.  Birmans have a distinctive Roman nose. with nostrils set low, a flat forehead and high cheek bones to accentuate the large oval eyes.

They are medium to medium large in size ranging from 3.5 to 7.8 kg.  The body is long, sturdy and well muscled.  Birmans stay in condition through regular play with their humans.

They are good natured, easy going cats, tolerant with children and other pets.  They are intelligent and interested in their surroundings.  Birmans can be talkers if their human responds to meows.  But, if a quiet kitty is desired, lack of response will discourage chatting.

British Shorthair

Beary Brits – British SHorthair Cats
Leslie Posein

Devon Rex

Julie Hickie
Rimbey, AB


Kabuki Amuro’s Cattery
Sherise Rousch
Calgary, AB


The LaPerm coat consists of loose, light, airy curls and bouncy ringlets.  It has a textured feel, remeniscent of mohair/  The LaPerm coat is soft, inviting, standing away from the body and feels springy when stroked.  The coat does not mat easily.  Long haired LaPerms have a lovely, curly, plumed tail, while the short haired LaPerms have more of a bottle brush type of tail.

These cats come in a wide array of colours, coat patterns and eye colours.  They have medium boning and long legs and seem to be walking tall on their  feet.  LaPerm cats seem very graceful.

LaPerms are gentle. affectionate and people oriented, as well as intelligent and inquisitive.  They enjoy play and are adaptable


Cat Curls

Denise Abraham
(403) 224-2232

Maine Coon

Their semi-longhair glossy coat is heavy and water resistant, longer on the ruff, stomach and britches, and shorter on the back and neck. The coat falls smoothly, and is almost maintenance-free. One of their most distinctive features is their eyes, which are large, oval to nearly round and expressive. They are seen in nearly all traditional colors and patterns. The most common color and pattern is the brown classic or mackerel tabby.

Maine Coons demonstrate a clown-like personality, affectionate nature, amusing habits and tricks and a willingness to ‘help’ with any activity. They make excellent companions for large, active families who also enjoy having dogs and other animals. A Maine Coon will be your companion, your buddy, your pal, but rarely your baby.

hooked-on-coons-sHookedonCoonsMedicine Hat. AB Bonny Geisbrecht




Manx are round, heavy cats, with hind legs longer than front legs and are distinctive by their lack of a tail, although not all are born tailless. Manx originated on the Isle of Mann.   The lack of tail is a mutation, likely occurring naturally on the the isolated island.

Manx are gentle, generally playful and sweet cats.  They are affectionate and like to be with their people.  They are also exceptional jumpers with muscular hind quarters.  Intelligent, this cat quickly learns to get what they want and can open doors to rooms and cupboards

Care needs to be taken when handling the tail area because the spinal nerve endings are all present.  Children need to be careful in petting and cautioned not to poke at the area of the stubby or missing tail tail

rosethorn-sRoseThorn Manx Cattery
Janine Rostron



Persians are short and cobby with short. sturdy legs. The ideal Persian has a head as round as a ball and a square body balanced by a thick tail. They have huge round copper eyes. The coat flows over the body reaching to the floor and the tail is a thick plume. Persians are available in a huge variety of colors.

With a sweet, affectionate, quiet nature, Persians are creatures of habit and prefer a calm atmosphere and gentle handling. They are happy to be combed and petted by children but are unlikely to join in boisterous games with them. They like the security of the ground and are rarely found leaping to the top of a bookcase to explore the heights.


Arrow Lakes Persians
Joyce Maloff
(250) 365-3403



The Ragdoll is a large affectionate, semi-longhaired cat with captivating blue eyes. Their coat is of medium length with a silky, soft, plush texture. There is little shedding except in the spring and fall. All pointed Ragdolls come in 3 patterns: color point, bicolor and mitted. The color pallet consists of seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn and cream along with the tortoiseshell and lynx (or tabby) variations.

Ragdolls are relaxed, happy cats and, like a child’s ragdoll, many will go limp in your arms and flop like a stuffed doll when cuddled. Ragdolls are known for their tolerant attitudes with other animals and especially with children.


Mustloverags Cattery
Paige Tesluck 



Chatandolls Ragdolls


Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold comes in both long and short  haired versions.  The Long Haired cat needs weekly combing, but nor extensive grooming.  This breed is known for a loyal, friendly, intelligent and inquisitive personality.  They are great companions and enjoy being in the presence of their humans.

Their unique folded ears fit closely to the skull, give the cat an owl like appearance or as if they were wearing a cap.  Large round eyes in the rounded head give this kitty a very sweet expression.


Splendid Cats
Mary and Laurie Lockwood
(780) 879-0000



Aureum Feles Cattery




Siamese Breed Group

There are four separate breeds in this group:
Oriental Short Hair
Oriental Long Hair

These four breeds of cats are unique in that the only thing differentiating them is colour, pattern and hair length.

The Siamese was the original breed and threw a mutation of a silky long hair variant.  Balinese were a result of pairings of Siamese with recessive long hair genes.  During the 1950’s, solid colored and tabby cats were introduced to Siamese and Balines cats  through selective breeding   This breeding created what is now known as the Oriental Shorthair (OSH) and the Oriental Longhair (OLH)

The overall impression of these cats is that they are elegant, slender and graceful. This breed group has  long, lean bodies and they are natural athletes with a surprising weight of muscle on their narrow frame.   The body is tubular with long finely boned legs.  Heads are wedge shaped and large broad based ears extend the triangular head shape.  Medium sized, almond shaped eyes slant slightly toward the nose.

These breeds are vocal, social creatures who demand companionship and always have a tale to tell.  They expect answers and if ignored, they will tell the story all over again.
They are lively, intelligent cats who love play. They do not grow out of their love of play, remaining kitten-like all their lives. They are confident and have strong distinctive personalities. Cats in this breed group are wonderful for people who want an interactive and amusing pet and a true, devoted companion.



Toreador Cats
Angela Hick-Ewing

Edmonton, AB


Zsuzse Airedales and Siamesezwarum-cat-card
Suzanne Zwarun





Winona Bowman
Three Hills, AB




The Sphynx has very soft skin that feels like the softest chamois leather and are very warm to the touch. Although sometimes called hairless, Sphynx have a very fine soft, downy coat. They tend to get oily and need regular bathing.

Their toes are like fingers and they use them that way as they investigate and play with everything that captures their curiosity. They have a wrinkled face, huge ears and large, lemon-shaped eyes that give them a unique look.

The Sphynx is an inquisitive, intelligent and extremely friendly cat. The term “velcro lap cat” is accurate as it describes their desire to be on your lap all the time.  Sphynx are loyal and dedicated to their owners, making  very affectionate companions.

Skinisin Cattery
& Lykoi Cats Alberta
Colleen Boissonnault
(780) 218-9987




Coulee Sphynx
Dawn Magrath
Lethbridge, AB




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