maureenShow Manager
Maureen Davies
(403) 651 – 5922 

Maureen has been involved with the cat fancy for decades and her knowledge has been a great asset as a member of the Southern Alberta Fanciers and now the Calgary Cat Association.  Maureen has travelled extensively showing her Oriental Shorthairs, Oriental Longhairs, Siamese and Balinese cats.  She has served as Show Manager for numerous years and is the CCA Treasurer.

Cat-Club_deniseEntry Clerk/Breeders Directory
Denise Abraham
(403) 224-2232 

Denise has undertaken the role of Entry Clerk for the past eight years and works with exhibitors to ensure the cats are correctly classified and entered in the show.  Call Denise with questions about your entries.
Denise is editor of The Breeders Directory on this website, is also on the Calgary Cat Association executive and is the Chair of TICA’s LaPerm Breed Committee.

Vendors, Sponsorship & Advertising Coordinator
and Media Liaison

Teresa McRAE  Teresa has undertaken Vendors, Advertising, Sponsorship and Media for the 2017 Show.  A cat lover for many years, Teresa has beautiful Birmans in her home.   Teresa has also undertaken the responsibilities of Calgary Cat Association President this past year.  




Exhibitors Catalogue, Judges Books
Maureen Davies


Digital Media Co-Ordinator:

Eileen Chai is the face behind Calgary Cat Association’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.  The club is so pleased to welcome Eileen, her talents and great love of Maine Coon cats.  2017 is her second year working with the Kitties ‘n Blooms show and we look forward to her help for many more seasons.


Angela Hick Ewing is the Vice President of the Calgary Cat Association, the Assistant Manager of the Kitties ‘n Blooms show and the person all rely on to undertake projects for the shows.  Angela solicits raffle prizes in both Edmonton and Calgary head offices; designs gifts and coordinates hospitality for spectators at the shows.  Angela helps the club meet the goal of supporting cats by raising funds through the used book program for the Calgary Food Bank.  Her capacities in digital media  ensure that the public is aware of the shows and draws spectators to view the fabulous felines.  Along with her work at the show hall as a Head Ring Clerk, Angela is a key person in providing transportation during the shows.



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