About the Calgary Cat Association

Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers

Welcome to the Calgary Cat Association (CCA)! Formerly known as Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers, we are thrilled the love of cats amongst Albertans has kept CCA alive and active in our community and province through the decades.

We are a non-profit club affiliated with The International Cat Association (TICA), which has members around the world who are all joined by their love for their cats because “Wherever you are, you’re in TICA’s World”. CCA is registered under the Alberta Societies Act and calls Calgary home.


What We Do

  • Promote the welfare of all cats
  • Promote the growth and development of the feline – human bond.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership.
  • Host an annual TICA cat show
  • Support and fund-raise for local animal rescues
  • Keep abreast of changes and developments of interest to cat fanciers
  • Serve as a source of general information about cats
  • Encourage community amongst cat fanciers both online and in person at our cat shows

Join in on the fun!

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President: Rachel Bowman
Vice President: Winona Bowman
Secretary: Jennifer Schmidt, Rachel Bowman
Treasurer: Maureen Davies
Councilor: Tanya Hryb
Directors: David Adler, Richard Heyd
Club Members: April Dagdick, Karen Fletcher, Michele Sundquist


Show Manager: Maureen Davies
Co Show Manager: Rachel Bowman
Show Treasurer: Maureen Davies
Entry Clerk: Andre Grenier
Assistant Entry Clerk: Winona Bowman
Venue, Hotel Coordinator: Maureen Davies
Volunteer Coordinator: Rachel Bowman
Hospitality Coordinator: Maureen Davies
Vendor Coordinator: Maureen Davies
Sponsorship Coordinator: Winona Bowman
Marketing, Media Coordinator: Rachel Bowman
Fund Raiser Coordinator: April Dagdick
Judges Coordinator: Maureen Davies
Mini Events Coordinator: Rachel Bowman