Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 21-27, 2024

Begin this commemorative week by volunteering for our Kitties ‘N Blooms TICA Cat Show. We offer many Volunteer Opportunities because we completely agree with the theme for 2024: there is “Something for Everyone.”

Do you have a desire to roll up your sleeves and help transform a dry hockey rink into a gorgeous Cat Show Hall . . . and then back again?

Join our team of phenomenal Setup Volunteers on Friday 19 April between 10 AM and 3PM (with a short pizza lunch break) to help set up the Judging Rings alongside our experienced Show Committee members.

When the Cat Show finishes at 4PM on Sunday 21 April, you can jump back in with helping take everything apart to store in our trailer until we need it all next year again.

Do you have a desire to serve and care for others?

Join our team of fabulous Hospitality Volunteers, setting out refreshments during the show weekend as well as laying out and cleaning up after lunch for our Judges and Volunteers each day 11AM-2PM including enjoying lunch with the team.

Do you love stepping in wherever an extra pair of hands are needed?

Join our team of valuable General Volunteers who can step in as needed to spell off our Team members for a lunch break or replace garbage bags or refill disinfectant for the Judges or whatever else is needed to help Kitties ‘N Blooms run smoothly.

Do you have an artistic eye and a good camera (phone or dslr)?

Join our team of needed Media Volunteers who will take photos and videos of all aspects of the show from setup volunteers to milling crowds to décor to Vendor booths to myriad cats to people enjoying the event to any other creative snapshots of everything that happens at Kitties ‘N Blooms 2024.

Do you enjoy spreading information and connecting people with local events?

Join our community of cat lovers who share our posts on social media and tell all your friends about the upcoming cat show.

If you’d like to spread the word even further, join our team of Social Volunteers by taking our posters to hang anywhere you shop or spend time around the city. Thank you for helping more people hear about our Calgary Cat Show who can join us April 20-21, 2024 at Southland Leisure Centre for Kitties ‘N Blooms!

Many hands make light work, and we deeply appreciate each and every person who donates their time and ability to lighten the load all around and make Kitties ‘N Blooms 2024 a success. THANK YOU!

Volunteer Coordinator

Rachel Bowman